Sunday School 1st – 12th Grade

Our Sunday school program starts on September 11th at 9:00 a.m., on Sunday mornings! Each grade level will be broken up respectfully so that way everyone can have a great immersive learning experience. We are passionate about teaching children about Christ and we are also passionate about family discipleship which is why we have Sunday school for all age levels. We are so excited to announce that we are implementing the Gospel Project! The Gospel Project teaches your child(ren) about Christ and how Christ is seen through the Old Testament to the New Testament. Your child(ren) will learn fun songs and have fun interacting with the lesson.

Our Senior High will also be doing the Gospel Project on Sunday mornings and they will be meeting in the FOC room. They will be diving deeper into the Word and unpacking Scriptures a little more than the younger students but no matter what grade your child(ren) are in they are going to be learning about Christ and His Word. We are excited to have you join us!

Our Sunday school Director is Michelle Poppen and our Co-director is Jackie Kannegieter. We have wonderful teachers and helpers to make Sunday mornings fun and engaging for your child(ren)!