Camp Registration 2021


SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION: First Presbyterian Church of Sibley will again be partnering with Lakeshore Center @ Okoboji to offer summer camp opportunities. We are hoping to *tentatively* be able to schedule camp promotion time with someone from Lakeshore Center on Wednesday, March 10th and 17th at 6:30 during Logos/Confirmation/FOC. Additional information on scholarships etc… is as follows:

1. The church will again pay 1/2 of camp costs (Tier 1 for Lakeshore Center), with the parents paying the remaining 1/2, and with Scrip reimbursing the parents 1/2 of their 1/2 share of camp costs. Regarding Lakeshore Center, the parents are encouraged, if financially able, to give more if they wish to help offset camp maintenance expenses and other costs not reflected in the lower Tier 1 prices.

2. We also have Memorial Campership Scholarships available to help children attend camp whose parents are not financially able to assist. For parents who are not able to pay, the church for 2021 will again take 1/2 of the camp cost, the Camp/s will take 1/4, and the Memorial Scholarship will take 1/4. If Camp scholarships are not available, the Memorial Scholarship will take 1/2 instead of 1/4.

3. Children can bring their completed registration forms on Wednesday nights or they can be dropped off at the church office. DEADLINE to register is April 13.

IF parents have not registered their children by the end of the set deadline day, they (the parents) are responsible for sending their children’s registration forms to the camp, along with full payment, then letting Denise in the office know the child’s name/camp title. Denise will then contact Heying Endeavors to issue checks in reimbursement to the parents for the church’s 1/2 share.

On March 10th at 6:30 the church will have a representative from LakeShore Center of Okoboji as a special guest to speak with the LOGOS and FOC students.